Public Summary Month 11/2012

The experiment system design addressing the design of the entire experiment system including safety system, mechanical parts, user interface and robot periphery is completed.

The mechanical construction of the tool carrier includes an additional axis for changing configuration of tools without moving the robot through singularities. It connects the force sensors and the user interface with the robot and is designed to be resistant to expected moisture and dirt.

The user interface consists of an ergonomic handle, a force sensor and a control device for simple robot and tool operation control. The user will be able to move the robot by hand and manage the stone carving process with the interface system.

The robot periphery consists of a rotation table, an industrial fence, power and supply aggregate with controllable valve system for the tools and an external control computer. The rotation table is used for changing the orientation of the natural stone blocks, as the robot can access them from only one side. The industrial fence is supposed to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the robotic system working space. The power and supply aggregate provide the tools with high pressure hydraulic oil, air as well as water for cooling and greasing. The external control computer calculates the algorithms for the force controlled manual guidance, the contact process of stone carving and the user interface controls.