Public Summary Month 10/2012

In the last bimester, we have focussed our work on with the refinement and testing of the Service Prototype and Demonstrator, (Deliverable 3.1) which is part of the Task 3: System Development, Implementation, Integration and Testing. Specifically, we have completed the interface to the MS dictation engine, in preparation to a refinement of the ASR process, that relies on both a recognition based on a language model specified using an application dependent grammar and a generic language model. We have adopted and specialized the dialog infrastructure offered by the Speaky Mediavoice development environment and we have thus delivered a new version of the prototype system. We have run some tests on the VUI, and we have collected the results obtained by processing a small corpus of spoken sentences. The analysis of these results has been used in order to define possible improvements of the prototype.

S4R has been presented at the ECHORD Workshop in connection with IEEE IROS 2012, Vilamoura, Portugal, October 11th, 2012.