Public Summary Month 12/2011

Experiment started in November still pending the signature of the contract.

Activities have focussed on the analysis and initial steps in the design. Speciifcally: Robotic Domain Definition and Representation and Robotic Voice Development Kit Design


The main steps accomplished in task 1 are the implementation of  a prototype to interact using  Speaky both with the NAO humanoid robot by Aldebaran and with a small wheeled Erratic robot by Videre Design. The goal is to acquire some practical experience on the possible wordings used to command the robot. In the implementation of the above mentioned prototypes we have provided a first characterization of the robot capabilities, both for a humanoid robot and for a wheeled robot.

 The main steps accomplished in task 2 consist of a first architectural design in the implementation of the above described prototype, which is specifically concerned with the communication between Speaky and the mobile platform.We have also identified the internal structure of the speaky devolpment environment and identified two key components: the dynamic grammar manager and the the dialogue manager. The first one is instrumental to provide suitable data for a linguistic post-processing of the output of the speech recognition and the second one needs to integrate the state of the dialogue with the state of the robot.