Public Summary Month 2/2012

We have built two example collection of commands to model the two application domains. The sentences have been collected from the students of the class “Seminars AI and Robotics”, section on Natural Language Processing. The goal was experimenting the process of acquiring domain specific information, and the collections represent a first characterization of domain specific knowledge, in terms of robot capabilities, environments and tasks, not the final resources for language generation. We have combined the collection of the lexical units defined in the RoboFrameNet environment (available in Ros), with the more general representation provided by Wordnet and defined a first characterization of the possible wordings of the commands.

We have defined a methodology for testing the performance of our system. The baseline will be a system where a set of sentences from a corpus is associated with a set of commands. The performance of the customized system will be compared through systematic experiments with the baseline, on a set of vocal data recorded from different users. A dedicated tool has been built in order to support the systematic evaluation of the system performance.

The first technical report provides a comprehensive report of the first activities carried out in the project.