Public Summary Month 6/2012

In the last bimester we have worked on with the activities of Task 3: System Development, Implementation, Integration and Testing, namely on the implementation and testing of the first prototype of the VUI for the chosen domains. According to the results of the design phase, we are focusing on the generalized components that are the basis for the implementation of the VUI and development of the wizard is moved to a later stage. More specifically, we have a complete modular grammar for the humanoid robot in the home domain, according to the methodology described in the appendix of the Technical Report D21. To this end, we have updated the command description therein, since we have now released a more polished and complete set reference for the commands of the robot. In addition, we have refined the software architecture and implemented a simple prototype version of the components for selecting the interpretation and managing the dialog with the user. Moreover, we have started the work on Task 4: Experimental Evaluation; in particular, we have begun working on Task T4.1: Definition of experimental set-up and performance metrics. Finally, a poster describing the current state of the project has been accepted for presentation at AAAI-12 Media Fair.