Public Summary Month 8/2012

In the last bimester we have worked on with the activities of Task 3: System Development, Implementation, Integration and Testing, namely on the implementation and testing of the first prototype of the VUI for the chosen domains. This effort will be reported in Deliverable 3.1, Mid-term Home Service Prototype and Demonstrator, Mid-term Home Service Prototype and Demonstrator. More specifically, we have built a debugging interface for the speech interpretation process. Moreover, we have implemented in ROS the modules for the integration of the knowledge about the environment, represented as a semantic map, and for “grounding” of the commands of the robot in a real application scenario. Finally, we completed the preliminary work on Task 4: Experimental Evaluation; on the definition of experimental set-up and performance metrics, by acquiring the semantic map of a real home, that will be used to display the execution of the commands given to the robot using the Player/Stage simulator. The poster describing the current state of the project has been successfully presented at AAAI-12 Media Fair (Toronto, Canada, July 23-27).