Public Summary Month 7/2012

The last projects phase comprises of finishing the experiment setup (Task 5), the experiment conducting and analysing (Task 6 and 7).

To enhance the usability and safety of the manual guiding of the robot a new input device was developed and implemented to the robot system. With this joystick a user-friendly guiding of the robot is possible. Inside the two handles of the joystick capacity sensors recognizes if the user has grasped the two handles with both hands. With the red button the user can then start the guided robot motion and with the green button the positions of the trajectory will be stored.


The joystick can be quickly mounted to the end-effector of the robot in different positions with a quick release skewer. This is necessary for an easy programming of the reconfiguration and of any individual handling task. The robot movement is realized by processing the data of the force-torques sensor induced by the user with the joystick.


Finally a complete reconfiguration task of the passive kinematics was successfully realized with the scenario of gripping different car exhausting pipes which will be presented in the final video.

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