Public Summary Month 5/2012

Detection and grasping of object using the stereovision system were integrated on the Nao robot. The scenario that will be used for its evaluation is the following : Nao takes an object that is proposed by the user. Then the robot will look for a face and come at the good distance and in front of the detected person. When the user asks the object, the robot releases it in a safe way. The evaluation will be carried out with several persons.

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Public Summary Month 3/2012


DFKI has implemented the stereo-vision algorithms on Nao. Thanks to a drastic optimization of the software, they have been able to reduce the computation time by a factor of 25 in the estimation of a 3D position of the object that can be computed in 5,5ms. The grasping algorithm previously working with a laser sensor is now working with the stereovision.

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Public Summary Month 1/2012

The stereo-vision head for Nao has been delivered to DFKI by Aldebaran Robotics. DFKI started to implement the stereo-vision software that allows computing the 3D position of objects in front of the two cameras. DFKI has developed and optimized a grasping procedure that controls the motion of the hand of Nao and the global motion of its body if the object is not reachable. Aldebaran implemented a releasing function preventing the fall of the object given by the robot to the human.    

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Public Summary Month 9/2011

During the last period of the ECHORD project GRASPY, the object grasping by a humanoid robot Nao was ameliorated. Tests of object grasping while using a head with stereovision system and a head with laser scanner were launched.


 The recent developments can be illustrated by following video:

…as you can observe, the grasping “performance” of the robot is already improved. Nao is now changing its body posture to grasp the cup when it is further down or further to the side.

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Public Summary Month 7/2011

The mechanical design of the new head of Nao, allowing the synchronous acquisition of two cameras, has been developed and is now being tested. The last developments within the GRASPY project can be illustrated by following videos :

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