Public Summary Month 09/2011

We have been continuing the work in this task "Safe manipulation in industrial environments" and tested mechanical hazards of the robot arm and prepared the evaluation of bumpers and tactile sensors. The final hardware build up of the MAGMODUL for the ambient magnetic field measurement is finished. Regarding the software implementation of the MAGMODUL we have implemented a driver for magnetic field sensors that automatically corrects/normalizes measurements and outputs them as vectors. Furthermore, we have implemented a mapping module that takes these vectors as input and combines them with the robot's odometry/position. With the MAGMODUL measuring units it is also possible to realize a precise positioning. For two-dimensional precision positioning it is necessary to build also a two-dimensional array of MAGMODUL measuring units. A holder which fixes the modules on the KANMAN robotic platform is under construction.


For the set-up of the mobile manipulator we have evaluated the battery system, finalized the design of the robot base including drive system, battery storage, and two laser scanners, developed and integrated a novel unit for the control of low level robot functionalities and improved the usability of the robot platform with a special focus on installation and transportation.

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