Public Summary Month 1/2012

Within December 2011 and January 2012 we have integrated the developed technologies to the mobile manipulator prototype and its evaluation. We have finished the hardware setup of the prototype, improved the magnetic sensor software and we have focused on the processing and evaluation of processing and evaluation of magnetic sensor data in respect of the localization of the mobile robot base. Initial measurements revealed a distribution of magnitudes that hardly changed, regardless of where the measurement took place. Test measurements in our lab environment have shown a reproducible magnetic footprint that looks promising in regards to localization. As the localization algorithm needs discrete data, we have written a conversion tool that takes raw magnetic sensor data and yields a grid map.

Furthermore, we have been adapting the robot arm to the new control hardware, but there are still communication issues to be solved within further integration meetings. We plan to do the final evaluation at the SCHUNK plant in March 2012.

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