Public Summary Month 7/2011

In the last two months we have been continuing our work on the tasks save manipulation in industrial environments, magnetic localization of mobile manipulators & tracking of boxes and integration and adaptation of the mobile platform. We have submitted the deliverable KANMAN.3 in which we have described the progress towards a safe manipulation of modular kinematics in a collaborative way without traditional safety devices. We have implemented a bumper to eliminate sharp edges. We realized a safe robot arm concerning stop 0 using components according to performance level d. We were able to finish the development of the MAGMODULS which we use to measure the ambient magnetic field.The development and the composition of the module is described in the deliverable KANMAN.2. With a 3D Helmholtz coil we have measured the slope of the AMR sensor elements and their alignment. The maximum error was 1,34 %. This deviation are passable compared with the linearity error of the AMR sensor elements. With one calibration the system has the possibility to switch to different gains. This situation allows to switch active if the ambient magnetic filed changes on different basements. The next step is the evaluation of the sensor array on the SCITOS G5 mobile base to prove their applicability to support the localization. Furthermore, we have been continuing the assembling of the KANMAN mobile base and mechanically integrated the arm structure. The development of the main control unit of the mobile base is almost finished and we except to have a driveable mobile manipulator by end of September.

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