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During the last two months the consortium has been performing first real world experiments and further work on our simulation and learning methods has been performed. 1) After further preparations for the real world experiments in the SCAPE 2-finger setup were accomplished we performed a larger batch of real world...
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During the last two months the consortium has been performing further real world experiments with the first application of learning methods. Further work on our simulations and evaluations of those has been performed. 1) A new sampling strategy was developed and implemented. We used the new method to do an analysis for the...
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During the last two months we have been performing further experiments to evaluate our priority adjustment methods. Further work was also done on our dynamic simulation methods. 1) Experiments with suction cup setup: We have performed extensive experiments with a suction cup setup. Initially we performed a baseline with...
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The project started on 2012-02-01 and a Kickoff meeting was held on 2012-02-16 in Berlin. We have discussed the first requirements for our experiment including appropriate room industrial robot measurement equipment mechanical tool interface power tools and workpieces. Now we work on the motion and force requirements of the...
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